Groundhog Control

Seasonal Alert: Low activity pest

Marmots hibernate in winter. Their metabolic rate decreases and they sleep soundly in their winter dens, not eating or drinking for five and a half months, drawing all their food from the body fat they have gathered over the summer. At the end of winter, they will pair and give birth in mid-spring, when the harvest is at its leanest. If you encounter a problem with groundhogs, please contact Capital Wildlife Control for immediate assistance. We are the animal control experts in the Ottawa-Gatineau region and groundhog removal is our specialty.

Getting rid of a groundhog

What Can We Do For You?

The groundhog is a rodent, it digs deep galleries much like the mole and it eats the vegetables of the gardens by the roots. Much more than a nightmare for your gardens, the groundhog often hides under the balconies or under the garage. It seems harmless, but wait for the arrival of spring, you will see the damage it causes!

Our wildlife technicians can help you in getting rid of groundhogs. They are trained to identify groundhog entry points, which, due to their excellent digging ability, are often found under porches, bridges and hangars. Access to the burrow is therefore often difficult. Using specialized suppression techniques, our technicians will gently pull the adult groundhogs out of their burrows. The groundhog babies are then gently placed in a heating box so that they can safely move them with their mother to the chosen host site.
Capital Wildlife Control's groundhog control strategy is safe and reliable. Part of our time and even devoted to cleaning up any contaminated materials that could present serious health risks. Our wildlife technician will help you choose the best cleaning strategy based on the severity of the contamination. Thus, you will find a healthy home where your family can live safely without groundhog problems.
  • Only beavers and porcupines are larger than groundhogs.
  • The groundhog can have up to 9 babies per year.
  • Groundhogs often cause erosion problems on land.
  • Les marmottes hibernent presque 6 mois.
  • Groundhogs hibernate for 6 months.
  • The winter season for groundhogs begins between 10 and 20 October.
  • The burrow closes with a plug of earth, stone or hay.
  • Groundhog terrier may be up to 10 metres.