Has your house been visited by a rodent?
Here are some common reasons to
consider insulation removal in Ottawa.

Contamination / Insulation removal

Why should insulating wool be removed?

After an animal, fleas or bed bugs visit your home or business, there’s a good chance that the insulation will be contaminated by toxins, animal droppings, mildew (mold) or fleas.

These factors can lead to serious health risks, as these contaminated fibers can then transpose freely inside your home and nestle in your lungs if inhaled. As a result, various health problems and respiratory diseases can occur.

Avoid these complications and trust our skilled team for insulating wool decontamination, removing insulating wool. Here's what our team can do for you:

How is insulating wool
It is strongly discouraged to try to remove insulating wool yourself. You take a chance of exposing yourself to the risk of health problems, but most of all, you risk greatly contaminating your home. Opt to do it yourself, may also increase the costs of decontamination made by professionals.
This is what our
team does for you:
  • We set up a temporary corridor to protect other parts of your home from the risk of contamination.
  • We remove insulating wool using specialized equipment.
  • We decontaminate your attic.
  • We deodorize the space.
After decontamination, we recommend that you to do an air test to ensure that the air is clean before the re-isolation step.