Squirrels in Attic

Squirrels in the attic

Having squirrels in the attic is a very unfortunate situation. As wildlife specialists, we have learned to recognize the main entry points for these small mammals. Since squirrels are rodents, it is easy for them to nibble their way into your attic. They will then easily be able to lodge there undetected.

The 5 main ways for squirrels to access your attic

We've compiled a list of squirrels' favourite ways to get into the attic.

  1. Through the different types of vents located on the roof
    Vents are located on the roof or walls. These holes or openings are used to evacuate moisture and heat, as it is the case for attic, roof or dryer vents. They can also be used for air circulation. For example, wall vents and plumbing vent pipes can serve this function. Without proper protection, it is easy for squirrels to find their way into your attic.
  2. Through the roof curb
    Because rainwater and snow can easily collect there, roof curbs are wet spots, even more so than other parts of the house. This moisture accelerates their deterioration. When weakened, this surface becomes easy for rodents such as squirrels to nibble on and make their own way into your attic.
  3. Through the intersections between the roof and the soffits
    The intersection between the roof and the soffits is a small space that squirrels can take advantage of to enter the attic.
  4. Through holes made by other animals
    If your attic has been visited by other animals in the past and the holes they used to enter it have not been properly repaired, squirrels can take advantage of this opportunity to come and nest in your attic!
  5. Through the holes that squirrels make for themselves
    In rare cases, squirrels' teeth can be so effective that they can chew through walls and enter your home despite all your precautions.

What to do if squirrels are already in the attic

If you suspect that squirrels have managed to enter your home, look for these entry points, but don't plug them until you're sure the squirrel has left your attic. You don't want to deprive babies of their mothers by accident or make a squirrel a prisoner in your attic.

Whatever the situation, you can count on the advice of the Capital Wildlife Control team! Our animal-friendly techniques are the preferred option to avoid extermination.