How do raccoons can get into houses?

With the experience of our experts in trapping raccoons and removing raccoons, we have identified most possible entry points for these mammals. Raccoons may be cute, but they can be terribly sneaky and ingenious when they have in mind to enter your home in search of warmth or shelter from the weather or to give birth. Here are some of the most common ways that these rodents can invade your home without your knowledge:

By different kinds of vents (roof, gable, attic, wall, plumbing)

Vents are holes or openings made on the roof or walls to evacuate moisture and heat (attic or roof vents) or to ensure air circulation (wall vents, ventilation pipes for plumbing). If these openings are not adequately protected, raccoons can use them to sneak into a house.

By roof edge

Roof edges are places where snow and rainwater can accumulate due to the presence of gutters, snow banks or vegetation. As a result of this accumulation of water, the roof edges remain wet longer than other parts of the house, causing them to deteriorate more quickly. Because the surface is more damaged, raccoons can chew it up and rip out rotten wood much more easily to make their own entrance.

By roof-soffit intersections

The place where the roof and soffits meet can be a good place for raccoons to enter, as they can take advantage of the space created to sneak into the attic with a good tap of their shoulders.

By chimneys

Uncapped Chimneys can be the perfect place for raccoons to pay you an unwanted visit. Female raccoons like to sneak up in the fireplace’s damper to give birth to their babies. Make sure your chimney is well protected!

They can enter through holes in foundations or by air vents

Raccoons can also access your basement through holes in your foundation or through air vents, which provide air and light to your basement.

If you notice fingerprints like those in the picture, if you hear squeaking, hissing or squealing noises, or if you notice feces like those in the picture, you probably have a raccoon as an unwanted visitor in your home.

Rest assured that with the Capital Animal Control team, we are professionals in raccoon control. In the most humane manner possible, we will trap the raccoon(s), remove, and release them.