7 signs to know if you have bats at home!

High-pitched noises... foul smells… "How do I know if I have bats at home?" you ask yourself. It is important to recognize the signs of bats in a house or bats in your attic. That is why we present 7 signs that do not lie about the presence of bats!

Wet and foul, guano (bat droppings) look like the droppings of birds or mice. However, guano is more crumbly and is characterized by the presence of shiny residues. Moreover, unlike bird droppings, bat droppings do not contain white residues. An interesting fact: bat guano is an excellent natural fertilizer!

Bats use echo-location to orient themselves in the dark. Echo-location consists in sending high-pitched sounds whose waves bounce off obstacles. Bats then listen to the echo of these sounds and can locate and identify what is in their environment. Hearing such sounds does not necessarily mean that bats are in your home, but this sign, combined with others on this list, may be a good clue to their presence in your home.
Scratches on the walls, ceiling or furniture or scratching noises may be a sign that unwanted visitors, such as bats, have entered your home.

Because the bats' coats are covered with some kind of grease, these mammals tend to leave greasy tracks when they enter and leave their shelter. Fortunately, with the proper treatment, these stains can be cleaned.

This sign does not usually lie about the presence of animals in a house. If, in addition, the smell resembles that of ammonia, it is an important additional clue, because the guano of bats often emits a strong smell practically toxic which is similar to that of ammonia.
Watch out! Bats have the ability to sink into a dormant state to save energy. When they are in this condition, bats look dead, sick or asleep.

Did you notice bats flying around your property at dawn or at dusk? These animals may have found an entry point to nest in your attic. Bats also like to fly around streetlights at night because the light attracts the insects they are fond of.

If you recognize two or more of these signs, chances are bats have chosen your home for shelter! As bats can be the vector of diseases such as rabies and histoplasmosis, it is highly recommended to call in professionals to help you get rid of your unwanted visitors.

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