Raccoon removal

What Can We Do On The South Shore of Montreal ?

Raccoons will develop a black mask at the age of ten days and, although we often admire their intellect and ingenuity, they can seriously damage your property if they choose to live there. This night creature will prefer to live in hot and dry attics, chimneys, basements and under the rooftops. It is recommended to always seek professional help for trap and removal assistance.

EVALUATION AND RACCOON REMOVAL Our highly trained technicians have been specially prepared to quickly determine all possible entry points for raccoons into your house. Their agile feet let them enter wood, aluminum, air vents, but also through the lighting system. Our technical staff will use specialized methods to transport adults and babies methodically. The mothers of raccoons will be put in hot boxes with their infants to safely move them to a new location.
CLEAR AND CLEAN The disposal strategy of Capital Wildlife Control is safe, reliable and secure. A part of our services is focused on the cleaning and processing of all contaminated equipment that may pose a risk to your wellbeing. It is important to work with experts to remove all possible risks of infection. Our qualified technician will recommend the best strategies for cleaning and fixing your home, such as rebuilding the insulation, fixing the attic... according to your individual situation. All these steps can help you to find a secure and pleasant environment for your loved ones.

Raccoons generally want to spend their nesting time in houses, basements and attics, especially in quiet areas. They are night animals, making them very disturbing while the owners are attempting to have a good night's sleep.

Raccoons have agile legs, which means they can unlock jars, trash cans and even door locks. Raccoon mothers will do whatever it takes to get to their babies when they are separated. Babies are very curious as well as can be particularly damaging when they begin to be active. The raccoon's maternal instinct is very strong and if it is apart from its baby, it can do a lot of damage in the environment.