Bird removal

What Can We Do on The South Shore of Montreal?

Once a new bird enters your home, the conditions can quickly turn into a disaster. Sparrows, pigeons and starlings can put their nests into your home, exposing excrement that presents serious safety risks.

EVALUATION AND BIRD REMOVAL Capital Wildlife Control experts have been specifically prepared to determine bird access points and to identify their reproduction. Hot nesting places such as fireplaces, attics and ventilation vents are a primary choice for birds. For the babies, the technician will set up a safety box beside the old nest so that the grown-ups can continue to nourish them until they begin to fly. To provide a safe and affordable elimination process, our technical staff will ensure that all birds and nests are cleared without affecting the birds.
CLEAN AND CLEAR Capital Wildlife Control's removal approach is secure, caring and trusted. We identify and clean all contaminated and potentially carcass odours that may pose a potential safety risk. Our animal expert will give you guidance on the best cleaning procedures. These steps will help both of you and your family to return to your secure and comfortable place. This is an essential stage, as the inhalation of dust from birds can cause an unlikely disease known as histoplasmosis.

Bird droppings are acidic and damage painted surfaces. They can cause lasting damage to building materials and cars. Birds generally lay between 6 and 7 eggs two times a year. The pigeons can lay 2 to 4 eggs all year round. In most cases, one or two will not live to be adults. The most effective way to dispose of birds is to remove all the birds and nests and then close all the possible entry holes.