The initial step in dealing with a wildlife problem is to establish a proper diagnosis. First, we conduct a detailed assessment of your property to identify and evaluate important considerations such as:

  • What kind of species is it?
  • How and where did they enter?
  • Have I a return point?
  • Determination of potential damage and infection

After that, our technician will show you the results of the expert evaluation and suggest a removal plan. The method will be individualized and therefore perfectly suited to your particular needs.


After the animal has been properly cared for, it is essential to clean up the damage it has caused. Our experts will provide advice on damage and infection inside your residence.

The most common type of contamination occurs in attics, where the insulation has been punched, ripped and displaced. This could raise your heating or cooling bills. The normal behaviour of wildlife in the city can do a lot of damage to your property and create a very dangerous environment.

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